Rediscovering India


I am not sure if I had a bad experience or just thought I had a bad experience at some point in my life with Indian food. I can’t for the life of me understand why it has taken me so long to discover how delicious Indian food can be and make it a more regular part of my life. Until about a year ago, anytime someone suggested Indian food to me, I just sort of had this negative feeling about it, again I can’t tell you why… But after being prompted by my wife, we went for Indian food at a joint that makes it fresh and homemade… I thought to my inner foodie, “you have been an idiot and will now never be able to get back your Indian foodless previous 36 years of life.”

Well no more! Indian food is part of my regular turn table of ethnic foods. It’s full of amazing flavors and there are a ton of healthy dishes that don’t require unbuckling your belt to eat.


If you do not have Indian food in your life, you need to! Like with any food, you need to find a place that does it right.  I have been going to this place in Austin, called New India. The owner and recipe creator gives me a little history lesson on the origins and creations of a given dish each time I try something new. Oh, and another thing- get a little more experimental with your ordering!  Just go a little outside your comfort zone! The more Americanized dishes are delicious, but get into the really traditional stuff, too. The spice blend is really going to make you happy inside!

Don’t make the same mistake I did and go too long without Indian in your life. Research and find the one that those “who know” go to and get over there yourself.

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