A Guide to Eating and Drinking on the Lower, Lower East Side

leadbelly restaurant(Business Insider) A few weeks ago, we were walking across East Broadway, in that area south of the Lower East Side, but east of Chinatown, when we noticed something unusual outside of 169 Bar, one of our favorite dive-y hangouts: a line outside. Next door, at the new location Mission Chinese, waits are absolutely bonkers (though worth it, we say – check out our review). Around the corner, you’ll find the perpetually packed and much freaked-out about Dimes, as well as a new outpost of Pies ‘N’ Thighs. In a very concentrated and frankly, pretty out-of-the-way area, stuff is HAPPENING. Speaking of the area, we’re not exactly sure what to call it. East Chinatown? The Lower Lower East Side? Maybe Beanie Town. Everyone walking around here is always wearing a beanie. Suggestions welcome. We’re defining the area as east of Allen, and south of Hester, so maybe…SHeEAl? In addition to restaurants, there’s a thriving gallery scene around here, as well as some cool bars and coffee shops.—Read more at Business Insider

A New Kind of Breakfast

298_298_all-day-mental-energy-salmon-avocado-kale-scramble-rethinking-breakfast (Men’s Journal) We all know that breakfast is mission critical — everybody from your mother to researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health says so. And we all know that a breakfast rich in protein will serve you better than a bunch of carbs, which set you up for late-morning blood-sugar crashes — the last thing you need when you’re at your desk, jamming on a deadline.

And yet the bagel and doughnut persist. The fact is, we’ve been conditioned to think that breakfast means carbs and sugars. And on a busy morning when you’re scrambling to get out the door, it’s easy to continue to pretend muffins aren’t cupcakes and brown sugar isn’t really sugar if you put it on oatmeal.

So we asked a panel of chefs to help us rethink the day’s most important meal. The result: a new approach to breakfast, based on vegetables, proteins, healthy fats, and slow-burning carbs, combined here in six delicious recipes designed for all those clutch moments when you need the right stuff to get the job done.

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Bulletproof Coffee: The Next-Level Breakfast


Credit: Photograph by Travis Rathbone

(Men’s Journal) – It sounds insane – blending your morning coffee with chunks of butter and a spoonful of coconut oil. But so-called bulletproof coffee is fast becoming the go-to power breakfast. Fans say drinking just a cup of the stuff yields hours of energy and zero snack cravings. The experts are on board, too.

“The fat from the butter and the oil creates a filling effect, and the coffee’s caffeine helps make fatty acids more available for uptake into fat and muscle tissue, where it can immediately be used as energy,” says Paul Arciero, director of the Human Nutrition and Metabolism Laboratory at Skidmore College. The omega-3 fatty acids in the butter and coconut oil may help reduce inflammation and lower your triglyceride levels, adds Arciero. Research shows the oil specifically can boost your metabolism by up to 5 percent, helping you burn an extra 120 calories a day. And now that research has made it clear that a main contributor to heart disease is sugar – found readily in carb-heavy breakfast foods and juice – and not fat, butter-laced coffee may be the ideal morning meal.

Though bulletproof’s appearance is relatively recent in the U.S., Tibetans have fueled up on buttery drinks for centuries. That’s how Bulletproof creator Dave Asprey stumbled upon the idea in 2004. “What converted me was watching these Sherpas, some of the toughest human beings I have ever seen, live mostly on a mixture of yak-butter tea for days on end,” says Asprey. “It tasted creamy, good, and strangely rejuvenating; I felt better on that trip than on any other high-altitude trek.” Asprey returned home and workshopped his own version with coffee, and now his recipe is sold in more than 50 local coffee shops nationwide, with legions of fans from celebrities to pro athletes. He plans to roll out Bulletproof storefronts early next year, beginning in Santa Monica.

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